Tap Into The Power Of Automated Crypto Trading, Powered By Smart AI

Bot makes crypto trading easy with more consistent results thanks to its pre-programmed tested strategies and the smart AI that does all the trades for you. But that’s not all.

There are so many other great
things that Bot can do for you…

Stay In The Market 24/7

Bot will not only do the trading 24/7 for you, but it also scours the market to find new opportunities.

Open & Close Trades In Seconds

When your trade is in a winning position, it immediately closes the trade. Then, it instantly opens a new trade when it sees an opportunity!

Save Your Time

For experienced traders, EazyBot can help you enter and exit your trades based on your preference. You won’t need to spend hours looking at signals, entry, and exit points.

Get Better Results Over Time

Bot is always learning and evolving. It gets smarter and smarter while doing its job. The smarter your bot is, the better your results will be!