About Us

a crypto trading bot that aims to make automated trading easy and accessible to anyone, including complete beginners with zero experience in both cryptocurrency and crypto trading.

Automated Crypto Trading, For Everyone!

Even though there are many crypto trading bots besides Bot, they’re too complicated for beginners, and those who have tried usually gave up before even deploying their first bot. We aim to change that.We are changing that by creating an automated trading software that comes with built-in winning trading strategies and AI that does all the trading for the users. It’s so simple that beginners can make profitable trades within minutes of setting up Bot.

Why We Do What We Do?

Today, even experienced traders can miss out on an opportunity and/or lose their investment because it’s nearly impossible to sit for hours, continuously looking at signals, entry, and exit points without ever taking a rest. 

We want to give them a solution that lets them maximize their profits while minimizing the risk by letting AI do the hard work.

As for the beginners, we see Bot as their easiest entry point to the highly lucrative crypto market (a shortcut, if you will). 

With this software, beginners can easily and confidently trade their crypto and use our proven strategies to make profitable trades.